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what's the most important thing in life?? friends? family? the special someone? who? answer: loading.... frankly i don't know what the answer is. but i guess you are the most important. At least that's what your mind says. but what about your heart? answer: it's complicated! yeah yeah i know its the stereotypical answer. but... Continue Reading →


A List everyone must have…

So what are the most stress reveling things i do! well there are many. i think  many of you could relate to this.  love coffee?? hi-five! me too!back me up on this coffee lovers!! life is dull without coffee, isn't it?! yes! first and for most having a sip of coffee calms my nerves. It... Continue Reading →

Being invisible!

#travel_the_world #fun Ever wondered what it would be like to invisible?? Exciting no?? The thought itself make my mind wonder to the new world of possibilities. Why an object becomes invisible? We know we are able to see objects only because light is either reflected or refracted from the surface of the object.  So if... Continue Reading →


A BLACK HOLE! Starting our journey in the ship of imagination from earth to Center of galaxy, where lies a super massive black hole Cygnus X-1 in the constellation of Sagittarius. As we go near the heart of singularity nothing happens but as we tend to reach it, its gravitational effects can be seen. The... Continue Reading →


LONDON! LONDON! LONDON! A city of dreams, a city of trends and the capital of England. i am in totally in love with you.  London is one place where I wanna go again. Live there again. Experience its freshness, its purity, its love. YES! I have been to London recently. Yayyy! J It’s a place... Continue Reading →

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