HIGGS! HIGGS! HIGGS BOSON! That's what my mates calls me, well not quite that's what the physicists who found my existence named me. interesting right ...people had to spend thousands of dollars , build engineering masterpiece, Large Hadron Collider just to find me! i really wish the person writing is really that important but sadly... Continue Reading →


Nature is shy!

Are you a shy person? Don’t like to interact much? Just relax you are not alone!! I mean there are other people like you but I am not talking about them. It is nature’s one of the traits! There are hidden dimensions! Yes! hidden Dimensions! You may be wondering how could dimensions be hiding?? And... Continue Reading →


A BLACK HOLE! Starting our journey in the ship of imagination from earth to Center of galaxy, where lies a super massive black hole Cygnus X-1 in the constellation of Sagittarius. As we go near the heart of singularity nothing happens but as we tend to reach it, its gravitational effects can be seen. The... Continue Reading →

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