Being invisible!

#travel_the_world #fun

Ever wondered what it would be like to invisible?? Exciting no?? The thought itself make my mind wonder to the new world of possibilities.

Why an object becomes invisible?

We know we are able to see objects only because light is either reflected or refracted from the surface of the object.  So if scientists make such an object which don’t reflect, refract that particle would be known as invisible object.

Dark matter is invisible to us; doesn’t reflect, refracts nor interacts with any other particle. May be if we somehow came to identify its nature we can make an object invisible or vice-verse. After all the potterheads must be dying to get CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY. *_*

It’s a fun post. Share what you will do with the CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY, in comments!!


who else like me will like to go on a world tour??


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