Nature is shy!

Are you a shy person? Don’t like to interact much? Just relax you are not alone!! I mean there are other people like you but I am not talking about them.

It is nature’s one of the traits! There are hidden dimensions! Yes! hidden Dimensions! You may be wondering how could dimensions be hiding?? And you all surrounded by them.  There are in total 10 of them, hiding in the plane sight. surprised? i was too! Isn’t it cool?? we are like ‘ i know you nature!’ and nature is like ‘gotcha!’

You are familiar with 3 dimensions + time= 4 dimension. So were the rest 6? Well they are curled in themselves at sub-atomic level . To look this deep into atom we would be needing energy per second that powers one millennium.  That’s why out of our league right now.

Now question arises is, how do we know there are 10 dimensions?

Well, physicists  want to create a theory which incorporates all the theories (aka unification theory) and till now best approach is String Theory. It is this theory which suggests the existence of 10 dimensions.

scientists are still trying to understand the very nature of these dimensions. I’ll discuss about string theory some other day!

Till then take care. leave comments if you want to share anything.



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