How DARK are we??

Hy! Today let’s talk about some really cool stuff. DARK MATTER!

Chill its not about dark magic and stuff (I love it too though) .

This is one of the topics which I just love in astrophysics. So in Lord Voldermort’s words, “Begin”!(Anyone remembers??….7th book movie part 2, when battle of Hogwarts started).intersteller.PNG

We are observing cosmos over centuries. It was earlier thought that expansion of universe is slowing down, but major breakthrough came in 1929 when EDWIN HUBBLE with his telescope he made history. He discovered that universe is expanding with speed excess to the speed of light!! This was his EUREKA moment. Now although it was a ground breaking discovery but it became the most puzzling quest to solve. The question arises, “what is powering the expansion of universe?” and from this moment on the concept of DARK ENERGY and DARK MATTER was born.

I will talk about DARK ENERGY in coming time.

DARK MATTER is actually dark unlike Black holes which “black” in their name but are most luminous objects in the sky (by emitting X-Rays).

Now question arises, how do we know there is a entity known as DARK MATTER?

The evidence of dark matter is

  1. When the masses of different galaxies were measured, it was found that total mass was more than the calculated mass.
  2. The planets nearer to the edge of the galaxies are swirling with more velocity than calculated which means there is more hidden mass in the Centre of the galaxy.

There are numerous dark matter contenders like MACHO(Massive Astronomical Compact Halo Object), WIMP (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) and so on.

The hunt is still on but scientist’s think WIMP’s is the likely one.

You know , you ,me , earth, our solar system even our galaxy is surrounded by a halo of  dark matter , and the funny think is we don’t even  know what it is yet!

Just start to be curious, around the world you live in.



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