RIPPED, The Trendy Fashion!

Like staying in trend?? Wear cool outfits, trying to fit in into the world??

I like ripped clothes (dah! … they are trendy!) but the problem is I live in conservative country like India unlike few other countries in Europe or America people actually literally stare at you like you are some sought of a criminal roaming on their holy land free. What is up with people over here .They have a habit of poking their noses every other persons business.

The world has progressed far way beyond this.

IMG_20170708_234735 1

Sometimes I think I should leave a comment in one of the ‘iisuperwomenii’ video, requesting her to do a video on this stuff. But then I think what its use. I mean people who should watch that video probably won’t even know who Lilly Singh is. So it’s useless but it would be fun to watch as she something in her which just sparks the topic.

When I go in front of my family wearing distressed or ripped jeans, they are like;’ don’t your parents have money?’ Or ‘did you do that with a blade?’ I mean seriously blade? For god sake I am women I don’t have a beard why would I use a blade! And the worst thing my friends do is they the part of my leg from where my jeans is torn! I am like ‘don’t you have your legs?! Why are you touching mine? Or why are touching a leg! It’s a leg!’ (You must have other places to touch…you know what I mean (wink +smiley)).And that was one of my weirdest  experience.


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