Starting our journey in the ship of imagination from earth to Center of galaxy, where lies a super massive black hole Cygnus X-1 in the constellation of Sagittarius. As we go near the heart of singularity nothing happens but as we tend to reach it, its gravitational effects can be seen. The matter around Black hole gets sucked into it releasing a burst of x-rays and gamma rays, while the matter forms an accretion disk around it. More is the matter near the event horizon, faster it swirls. An event horizon is a boundary from where nothing escapes. Now if you are outside the event horizon you might have a slightest chance to escape it but inside you are doomed.

Now let us send our friend, Mark inside the event horizon, will we observe its effects on him from outside.

As Mark reaches the event horizon time for him slows down. We can see him going into the singularity which he never does from our point of view but actually he did!! The fact is when he reaches the singularity the light rays can’t escape, so the rays emitted by him will not reach us. This is first effect.

The second one would be spaghettification. Mark will be torn apart by elongation. The thing is the part nearer to the singularity will experience more gravitational force compared to the part behind it, as a result he will be elongated and whoosh…. gone! Since we need to see what lies inside we need to keep moving .As we reach nearer and nearer to singularity we can see the information that is sucked by it in forms of holograms.

But Steven Hawking also said about information paradox which stats that information sucked by black hole is lost forever. So fate of the information inside the black hole is uncertain till now. And finally we reach singularity, a point of infinite density and pressure, where all equations of general theory of relativity break down .

And here our journey ends.

Here many mind wobbling question arises, like will we be ever able to know what really lies inside the black hole?? Will we be able to figure out what happens to the information inside the black hole?? Is black hole really a door to other part of the universe??  Do we live inside a massive black hole??

And there are many more questions which we still need to answer, making black hole the most mysterious astronomical object to be studied today.

life sucking black hole


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  1. The classical model of a black hole accepts information loss (which violates information preservation in quantum mechanics) however, due to the holographic principle we know that information isn’t lost. The “how” is still unclear. 🙂

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