LONDON! LONDON! LONDON! A city of dreams, a city of trends and the capital of England. i am in totally in love with you.  London is one place where I wanna go again. Live there again. Experience its freshness, its purity, its love.

YES! I have been to London recently. Yayyy! J It’s a place you can totally spend like month but still so much to see.

So let me tell you what to do in London if you are there for only a day or rather lets go together!

Morning in London starts between 5-6 am. So to have an eventful day make your tummy full and let’s start our journey!

So first let’s go to Westminster. Look around, click few pictures and go on river cruise! Yes! Cruise on Thames! That is the must do thing there. They’ll take you to most famous and not-so-known places, known-tower Bridge, London Bridge, Westminster abbey, Millennium Bridge, while making you aware of London’s historic buildings. The best thing about it is you get to wave to people (recommended-with both arms) that are merely passing from the various overhead bridges you will encounter in your journey or on your neighboring ferry and the good part is people actually wave back at you! Isn’t that surprising?? You get to see this kind of stuff in India!  Okay! Coming back to our tour, this will only take your maximum 45 minutes.

Then you can go to London eye if you are like one of those “OMG! I have been to London and I didn’t go London’s eye, will the world accept me??” don’t be such an ass, who gives the fuck what world will “think”. Frankly it’s a waste of time and money. If you close your eyes, you won’t even now that you are in a giant wheel and same goes for Buckingham place. Near it there are three amazing places, ‘the London dungeon’, ‘The Shrek’s Adventure’ and ‘Sea Life’. I would recommend to visit each of them.

Now our next stop will be The Monument! It is a tower like structure made in the memory of people that died in famous ‘fire of London’. Just climb there, they have 311 steps to climb (help in shedding weight :p) and the top view is amazing! The tall buildings, the rushing winds, remind me of ball rushing past the subcontinent batsman on English and Caribbean soil in 19 hundreds and still too! And the best part?? Well they give you a certificate when you get down, that you officially climbed 311 steps! Hilarious isn’t? Well was for me when I heard.

Now we are done with central London. Next stop at baker street, ‘Madam Tussauds!’. This is an amazing, an extraordinary place. It will drive you bananas! Its atmosphere is intoxicating. For this place you should say,”OMG! I have been to London not to ‘Madam Tussauds’, what the hell!” it’s a MUST GO! You will whole world’s famous personality wax statues under single roof, ranging from politicians to marvel-DC characters, Hollywood-Bollywood stars to scientists. Everyone! In it there is another world and the amazing 4-d show in the end, cherry to a pie.

Now if you love shopping…’hey there!’ I love shopping too! That’s why we are going Harrods!! This THE best store ever! I mean like step into it and you’ll go like ‘wow’. It’s a never ending store, never ever. You’ll find all kinds of items here. Men’s clothing, women’s apparel, for children, there is something for everybody. When I was going through the stuff, I was like, “mom can I buy whole store?” , You’ll find every brand there Dior, Gucci, Red Valentino, All saints , Hugo Boss, Burberry and the list is never ending. Me and my Bff could spend whole eternity there. There is LEGO world for children, Disney items. You can find one in a million home decorating items and a lot more. But the set back is this all is little expensive. Don’t get lighthearted there a suitable place for shopping …’Oxford Street’! At oxford Circus from the tube. Another amazing place to shop! All kinds of shops are here Apple, Gap, and Topshop and so on.

That’s a hell lot of stuff for one day. At night may be spending some time maybe enjoying some city lights and yes don’t forget to eat in between! Health is wealth folks.

Buhbye. Lots of love.


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