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Hy! I am back!

I just completed my 2 yrs graduation. 2 whole years! CAn you imagine! Time just vanishes! It seems like yesterday i passed high school.

Anyways i was wondering how as a person i had grown. Learning new things,new experiences, meeting new people. These two years had been wonderful. Now i compare myself with me 2 years back, such a change. College life give you so many oppurtunities. You just have to hang on to them and make your way. 

Unlike many people i am not as such guided with what i should do with my life, i dont know if this is a good thing or bad but i think if i had been atleast be nudged a little bit my life would have been had been a lot different. May i would be doing something more interesting(not that i have a dull life) but more intriging things as a learner. 

I just wanna say engage yourself in more day-to-day technology or whatever is your field of interest as world is getting ahead and you had to up-to-date with it!




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