In my childhood, kinda wondered what the fuck is this depression! it is hovering on every other person head like an umbrella, the difference is here it is not protecting from water but from our dark halo. it give us time to rebuild. to make amends. to stand strong.but still it is seen as a crab.

heard mum talking about my cousins , neighbors who were already engulfed by this, spreading like lightening problem. in our society it is often looked us a mental disease. OMG! he or she had depression, don’t let them out, give them pills..O..M…G! PILLS!! HOW THE HELL are PILLS are supposed to help with this. PILLS literally pills?? are the pills solution to all the problems in the this world??


Best option is talking. but next million dollar question is who to confide ourselves in?? the person who isn’t judgmental, and the person we can trust. where to find such a person?? if you are like me trying find someone to talk to my advise is to talk to yourself! where are you wrong …what you can do to make it right? how to show people you can do something in life..can have a better future.

don’t give up on yourself not just yet. 🙂

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