HInT of DarK maTtER

Astronomy is a developing branch of physics. In last decade its progess had increased manifolds. It all started in 1928 when EDWIN HUBBLE invented a telescope now known as hubble space telescope. From it largest view of cosmos ever was observed. Using this new invention astronomers begin their quest for unlocking the secret of cosmos.... Continue Reading →



Now I am going to tell you the story of a dying star. In a normal star the gravity of the star is balanced by the nuclear forces , avoiding its collapse. As  the fuel of the star finishes its gravity takes the charge resulting in origin of new celestial body. Now a dying star... Continue Reading →

Invisible star!

So lets start our journey with the most brightest objects in night sky-BLACK HOLES! They are most fascinating objects in cosmos, present in middle of every galaxy-emiting X-rays , sometimes refer as quasars. #FACT_1 Largrst black holes sits in the core of M87 in an elliptical galaxy in constellation of virgo.

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