HIGGS! HIGGS! HIGGS BOSON! That's what my mates calls me, well not quite that's what the physicists who found my existence named me. interesting right ...people had to spend thousands of dollars , build engineering masterpiece, Large Hadron Collider just to find me! i really wish the person writing is really that important but sadly... Continue Reading →

Being invisible!

#travel_the_world #fun Ever wondered what it would be like to invisible?? Exciting no?? The thought itself make my mind wonder to the new world of possibilities. Why an object becomes invisible? We know we are able to see objects only because light is either reflected or refracted from the surface of the object.  So if... Continue Reading →

Nature is shy!

Are you a shy person? Don’t like to interact much? Just relax you are not alone!! I mean there are other people like you but I am not talking about them. It is nature’s one of the traits! There are hidden dimensions! Yes! hidden Dimensions! You may be wondering how could dimensions be hiding?? And... Continue Reading →

How DARK are we??

Hy! Today let’s talk about some really cool stuff. DARK MATTER! Chill its not about dark magic and stuff (I love it too though) . This is one of the topics which I just love in astrophysics. So in Lord Voldermort’s words, “Begin”!(Anyone remembers??....7th book movie part 2, when battle of Hogwarts started). We are... Continue Reading →

RIPPED, The Trendy Fashion!

Like staying in trend?? Wear cool outfits, trying to fit in into the world?? I like ripped clothes (dah! ... they are trendy!) but the problem is I live in conservative country like India unlike few other countries in Europe or America people actually literally stare at you like you are some sought of a... Continue Reading →


A BLACK HOLE! Starting our journey in the ship of imagination from earth to Center of galaxy, where lies a super massive black hole Cygnus X-1 in the constellation of Sagittarius. As we go near the heart of singularity nothing happens but as we tend to reach it, its gravitational effects can be seen. The... Continue Reading →


LONDON! LONDON! LONDON! A city of dreams, a city of trends and the capital of England. i am in totally in love with you.  London is one place where I wanna go again. Live there again. Experience its freshness, its purity, its love. YES! I have been to London recently. Yayyy! J It’s a place... Continue Reading →


#enjoy #love Hy! I am back! I just completed my 2 yrs graduation. 2 whole years! CAn you imagine! Time just vanishes! It seems like yesterday i passed high school. Anyways i was wondering how as a person i had grown. Learning new things,new experiences, meeting new people. These two years had been wonderful. Now... Continue Reading →


In my childhood, kinda wondered what the fuck is this depression! it is hovering on every other person head like an umbrella, the difference is here it is not protecting from water but from our dark halo. it give us time to rebuild. to make amends. to stand strong.but still it is seen as a... Continue Reading →

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